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Google is an American transnational public corporation, reorganized on October 2, 2015 into the international conglomerate Alphabet Inc., a company in the Alphabet holding that invests in Internet search, cloud computing and advertising technologies. Google supports and develops a range of online services and products, and makes a profit primarily from advertising through its AdWords program.
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Ruby on Rails is a framework written in the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails provides an architectural sample Model-View-Controller (model-view-controller) for web applications, and also provides integration with a web server and a database server.
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Questions about choosing and working with hosting
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Apple iOS is a mobile operating system developed and manufactured by the American company Apple. It was released in 2007; originally for iPhone and iPod touch, later for devices like iPad and Apple TV. Unlike Windows Phone and Google Android, it is only available for devices manufactured by Apple.
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Computer programs, procedures and, sometimes, relevant documentation and data related to the functioning of a computer system.
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Git is a distributed file version control and collaboration system. The project was created by Linus Torvalds to manage the development of the Linux kernel. To date, supported by Junio ​​Hamano (Junio ​​C. Hamano). Examples of projects that use Git today are the Linux kernel, Cairo, GNU Core Utilities, Mesa, Wine, and some GNU / Linux distributions. The program is free and released under the GNU GPL version 2 license.
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Everything related to Apple's OS X operating system
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The process of ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
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Vue is a progressive framework for creating user interfaces. Unlike monolith frameworks, Vue is designed for gradual implementation. Its core primarily solves the tasks of the presentation level (view), which simplifies integration with other libraries and existing projects.
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A web browser, or a browser, is software for browsing websites, that is, for requesting, processing, displaying and moving web pages from one page to another.
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A bit more general section, than "Development for iOS", "Development for Android" and so on. If you can not decide exactly where to write a question about mobile development, write here
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Debian ([ˈdɛbiən]) is an operating system consisting of free open source software. Debian GNU / Linux is currently one of the most popular and important GNU / Linux distributions.
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Everything related to algorithms
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htaccess is an additional configuration file for the Apache web server, as well as similar servers.
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Gulp.js is a streaming project builder. Official site: gulpjs.com
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Technology for sending and receiving electronic messages in computer networks.
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Everything about the .NET Framework from Microsoft
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