Hello, there is a task:
You need to insert a lot of videos on the site, and you don’t feel like writing a way to each video, how to connect the folder with videos to the site so that when you add the clip to the folder, does it appear on the site too?
  • The easiest option for apache is to list the directory and customize it.

    More sophisticated is to use php or server side include as a header in this listing.

    Bottom line:
    1.set up apache listing
    2.custom header for listing
    3.style for this page
    4.html5 video player
    – Comfortable32 Nov 1 '19 at 12:49

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In general, it does a little differently))
All this is displayed through the database.And do not take video files from the folder.
The option is working, but not modern, or something.Although if you do it for yourself, it will do.
There is no simple answer to your “how” question.In order to be able to display video from a folder on the site, you need to create a php script that will parse the contents of the folder and generate html-code based on it, and here it’s as if on fingers not to explain how it to do - learn php or order the required script for a fee.
oo, lazy.
write the general path to the variable, and then write the path to the files of the type {$a} /kotiki.mp4
try it like that.