I’m studying in the IT field, I need to defend a diploma on the topic “creating a methodological Web-tutorial on 3D modeling.” The bottom line is that I work as a system administrator at school and decided to kill 3 birds with one stone, namely:
1) learn how to make such sites(this is not accurate)
2) I will defend my diploma
3) I’ll introduce my creation at school so that children use it
The essence of the manual: there should be authorization by login password, I wanted to fill it with all kinds of thematic videos, tests, etc.I thought I needed a certain analysis of the “student’s progress” in the form of a diagram so that you could understand how much and how qualitatively the student completed the tasks.the site itself(put calendaring, make a certain board with dz and so on(I’ll tie the model site to the post)
If you have experience in such matters, give advice on what to do.and is it possible to implement all this on the wiki engine? or advise something else
Less than 2 months are left before the defense
  • You take any CMS you put, you make up the design, or you edit the finished layout and....- Done!

    Almost everything except testing and user rating is available in almost any CMS.

    There is such a solution but the cost...

    In fact, if you sit down and not be distracted, then in 2 months you can really write a site with authorization and testing and ratings - I advise PHP CodeIgniter or Yii2
    – Difficult Dormouse Nov 6 '19 at 11:59

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Cool task for me :)
But in general, you can implement something like this:

1.WordPress - authorization, page creation, navigation and other plugins
2.Courses - the page with interactive courses is just a list, depending on the role, various diagrams appear.
2.1 - a plugin that makes requests directly to the course database, write on a bunch of vue + php(admin)
2.2 - plugin that will display course progress for regular users
3.Course page - header, links to training modules, final testing
4.Final Testing Module
4.1 - the server part, which selects random questions from the course, so that everyone would be given an individual set of questions
4.2 - client part.Validation.
4.3 - Types of Validated Data.
 * string - exact match/fuzzy match(Lower case)
 * number - result of calculation
 * date - date
 * picture - select a picture corresponding to the question
 * checkboxes - a choice from a set of options
 * radio buttons - select one of the options
 * Custom answer - An input field that is checked directly by the teacher.
4.4 - Depending on the results, the output did not go through and the output page with the results is entered.Entering the results in the database
  • It looks a very difficult way, but I will try)
    on WordPress, as I understand it, in any case, do I need to subscribe?
    – Generic Fishing Nov 7 '19 at 17:12
  • ??? Do not quite understand?
    Wordpress is free, pay for the domain, deploy and use.The manufacturer simply offers to host on its servers, but does not impose any restrictions if you want to deploy it on your own.
    – Comfortable32 Nov 7 '19 at 17:15