Task: Combine information from 2 or 3 different queries.

There are 2 sites to which I have to make requests, different sites give different information, the sites respond via the callback option, that is, I sent a request and I need to accept the answer on my side, I do everything.

As I was advised, you can use MEMCACHED, you can write anything to it and then get it if necessary.

I have never used MEMCACHED, so questions arise:
1) How much information can I record through MEMCACHED? That is, does it matter how much information I put there, if so, how do I check how much recording space is left at the moment?
2) Do you use MEMCACHED in such situations ?? Can someone from practice tell or throw alternative options?)
3) Do you need to install something on ubuntu to use MEMCACHED?
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The maximum size of the value that you can store in memcached is 1 megabyte.
check place with scripts
there is still Redis for advanced and Aerospike for cool(well, MongoDb for hipsters)
it’s kind of rewriting old keys during overflow, doesn't it?
memcached only for cases where it is uncritical to remain without a cache.