After changing the code and refreshing the page, chrome does not update the site, but loads the cache.

There is no such problem with the malware.Updating the page several times does not help
  • in the developer's console on the network tab you need to put a tick - the most convenient way IMHO.
    True, there is one glitch.After restarting the browser, the checkmark will be on, but the cache will most likely turn on.You will need to remove the checkmark and put it again.
    – Agreeable Antelope Sep 29 '19 at 20:35

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ctrl + f5
refreshes the page with forced loading of the page and elements

if you have static, see web server settings to reduce cache invalidation interval

there is still an old life hack, provide the hash with the name of all the elements, any, the cryptographic strength is not critical, such as styles.4f2dac.css then each time a new file will have a new name(but then some kind of automatic control system will be needed that will replace the name in the code , usually this is the site assembly system itself)
F12 and there