The site was changed to a new design.This design was moved from another hosting.The problem is that when people visit the site, they see what was on the new, but still unfinished site, when it was not yet transferred to another hosting .ATTENTION QUESTION: How to remove all users of the cache so that they can see and use the new service that is available today, and not see the old unfinished pages? Please help me! Thanks in advance.


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If only the styles have changed, then you need to change the version of style.css and the design for all users will be updated
  • This is an auction site, so users see old auctions and don’t see new ones... – Impossible Ibex Oct 7 '19 at 23:40
Problem with content or styles?
If in style add in the functions.php for css files the ending: style.css? Ver=1.1
If with content, flush the cache on the server itself.