Good afternoon.
I am loading a list of cities in a region for a specific user.
Let's just say the list contains 100 cities, but specifically this user has access to 10 cities in the region.
The region has idhash.Accordingly, the list is stored in the browser cache.
Accordingly, when loading the list, I check this hash, if it has not changed, then I take it from the browser cache.
But there may be a case that the user rights have changed and he has access to the entire list of cities, while due to the stored idhash the information does not change.
How are such problems solved?

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Invalidation of the cache.The problem that accompanies any caching of data.You need to implement a particular synchronization method, which depends on why you need the cache and what you are willing to sacrifice.Or refuse the cache.In any case, you need to understand that any synchronization is time, i.e..For some time, in any case, the data will not be"correct".