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I want to deploy on the server infrastructure for developing and testing sites, as well as for storing a couple of working sites.To do this, choose a docker with a bunch of nginx + ssl->php7-fpm->mariadb.After reading a lot of documentation, there were some issues that I can not figure out.

1.If I use a bunch of containers nginx-proxy ->(containers with apache/nginx sites?) + Ssl->php7-fpm->mariadb, as I understood, point to docker containers with sites(5- 7 sites) will need to be in nginx-proxy? Or do I not understand something?

2.Based on the first question.There is a server on debian 8.There are two network cards on the server, the first is the Internet, the second distributes it to LAN and to the server, and dnsmasq is also raised on the server.How can I access sites from the first question(, deployed in docker containers(nginx-proxy ->(containers with apache/nginx sites?) + Ssl->php7-fpm->mariadb)
  • Fig knows (I did not understand anything from the question), but I can only say one thing. The database from the docker should still be pulled out and rotated locally, because:
    1) There is hell virtualization, the database will drop twice in speed
    2) Any jamb and data will poker (for development this is not particularly critical, but still ), because docker suggests some stateless
    – Ghetto68 Aug 19 '17 at 05:39
  • Ghetto68: mariadb will naturally be separate. The data will be mounted in the docker container as volume. nginx-proxy is also a separate container – Delightful Dolphin Aug 19 '17 at 05:43

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Make a regular LXC container if there are such problems.Your configuration is 2 clicks.
  • Thanks for the answer, but unfortunately this is not what I need. – Delightful Dolphin Aug 19 '17 at 14:02 mysql
for Windows
for Linux
  • If it's a socket, then ispmanager.
    But I am only interested in docker.
    – Delightful Dolphin Aug 19 '17 at 23:24
  • Delightful Dolphin:
    This is the worst option that one could think of.
    Firstly, it is paid, moreover, the full set costs some kind of unreal money.
    secondly, it is so poor in functionality that it’s not good to say
    thirdly, it is not so intuitive, (it can be used), but there is almost no sense from it.
    But using it you will get perfectly well-developed software, it is a fact. Is this the main task?
    – Small-Time41 Aug 20 '17 at 14:25